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Complete Basketball Statistics, with an option to run live during the game!

Our Basketball Stats Products:

  • Hoopstat: Complete Team and Individual Season Stats
  • Hoopstat Gold: Live Courtside Game Stats, plus complete team and individual season stats
  • Basketball EZ Video: Clip and view video directly on your computer- no more video tapes!
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Basketball Statistics Software

Hoopstat - Basic Season Statistics

With HOOPSTAT!, you can enter an entire basketball game in 10-20 minutes!  Just click in total game stats for each of your players, and the software will calculate percentages and totals automatically!  Print a box score and offensive/defensive stats for each game, and get individual stats, team stats, team bests, and more for the season! 

Cost: 74.95  Click here to order!

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Hoopstat Features

  • Easy, Quick Stat Entry
  • NCAA style Basketball Box Scores
  • Individual Leaders in Every Basketball Category
  • Complete Team Season Stats
  • Team Game by Game Stats versus your opponents
  • Set up and enter your own custom basketball stat categories!
  • Game High Performance Reports
  • Game by Game Profiles for Players
  • Keep School Game Records
  • Conference / Non-Conference Totals
  • Career Stats
  • Full On-screen Help!

Look at all these Basketball Categories!

Games Played

Minutes Per Game

Total Field Goals

Total FG Attempts

Total FG Percentage

3PT Field Goals

3PT Attemps

3PT Percentage

2PT FGís made

2PT Percentage

Free Throws

Free Throw Attempts

Free Throw Percentage

Total Points

Points Per Game

Offensive Rebounds

Defensive Rebounds

Total Rebounds

Rebounds Per Game

Total Assists

Assists per Game


Assist/Turnover Ratio

Personal Fouls



Steals Per Game

PLUS Create your own!


Hoopstat Gold - Get Stats Done Live at your Games!

Basketball Statistics Software

Step up to HOOPSTAT! GOLD and run the game live at the courtside!  Your announcer will be able to give the crowd instant stat updates during the game, your coaches will have complete stats available at the half and final, and your reporters will have a complete stat packet, with game narrative, as they walk out the door!  Also includes the basic stats version for complete basketball season reporting. 

Cost: 149.95  Click here to order!

Hoopstat! Gold - Additional Features!

  • Live player stats on screen
  • On screen game narrative for easy play tracking
  • Instant Half Time and Final Reports
  • Print game leaders at any time during the game
  • Stat packets for reporters
  • Game Play-by-Play Printouts
  • Set up and enter your own custom basketball stat categories!

Check Out These Basketball Reports!

See samples of various Basketball reports on  Sydex Highís Basketball Page.

Click here for screen samples!

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Basketball EZ Video - Clip and view video of athletes and games on your computer: No more video tapes!


Now itís simple and affordable to have video of your athletes directly on your computer!  Just imagine: thereís no stack of videotapes to manage, and no rewinding or fast-forwarding to find the right clip.  Itís easy to do, amazingly inexpensive, and the video is remarkably clear and sharp.  Want to see video of your offensive plays and defensive strategies?  How about side by side comparisons of shooting techniques, or slow motion of any video clip?  With Basketball EZ Video, itís all available at the click of a button.  You can even make video CDís and DVDís for your players, coaches, and recruiters!

Price 99.95  Click here to order!

Attach a VCR or Video Camera to your laptop or PC. . .

Laptop image

 3 clicks later, the video is saved with the player, ready to view!


Basketball EZ Video Features

  • Easy Point and Click Athlete Entry and Video Clipping
  • Side-by-Side Comparison of Clips with Multiple Angle Options
  • Instantly create player highlight CDís and DVDís for recruiters/coaches
  • Save 400 clips in only 1G of hard drive space
  • View video of players in stop- action, slow-motion, full screen

Web Builder for Basketball

Automatically Build Web Stats for your team!

The Basketball Web Builder software will create a great looking web site for your basketball team!  Give your athletes, parents, fans, and media instant access to your stats: you can broadcast results immediately after a game!  With the click of a button, Web Builder automatically makes Web pages out of ANY stat report.  It even does an Index Page showing what Basketball reports are available.  Absolutely no internet skill is required, and it will make your schoolís basketball program LOOK SPECTACULAR!


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