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Get better football scouting with less effort!

Plus add complete VIDEO analysis, right on your computer!

Our Football Scouting products:

  • Grideye Silver: Offense Only Scouting
  • Grideye Gold: Complete Offense and Defense Scouting
  • Grideye Gold Video: Add-on complete VIDEO analysis to Grideye Gold
Football Scouting Software

Grideye Silver - Offense only scouting

Football Scouting Silver Software

Price 99.95  Click here to order!

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Grideye Gold - Offense and Defense scouting

Football Scouting Gold Software

Price195.95  Click here to order!

Would you like to get better scouting reports and spend less time doing it?  Then get the winning edge with GRIDEYE football scouting!  Both SILVER and GOLD let you choose your own terms for plays and formations, and calculate complete tendency information!  It will cut your scouting time in half, and you get instant, easy-to-read print outs of everything you need!  Grideye Silver analyzes offensive formation, backfields, motions, and plays by field location, down and distance, and more!  Step up to Grideye Gold and add complete defensive analysis -- stunts, blitzes, and defensive lines!

Features of Grideye Gold & Silver

  • Easy Point and Click Game Entry (just click in what you see direct from video!)
  • Use your own terms for plays and formations
  • Do “What If” analysis of your opponents in a huge variety of game situations
  • Scout your own Team
  • Analyze Running holes, yds gained
  • Automatically totals, calculates, and prints all tendency reports
  • Break down offensive plays by down & distance, hash mark, field location, off. formation/motion, game situation, and defense
  • Show frequencies of formations and motions used by field location, down & distance, game situation, defense
  • Graphic Point of Attack Reports - show running and passing charts out of each formation
  • Penalties report for your team and your opponents

and MORE!

GridEye! Gold - Additional Features

  • Use your own terms for defensive lines, linebackers, and secondaries
  • Track opponent’s stunts, blitzes, and other secondary motions.
  • Self Scout your defense
  • Analyze defense used by down and distance, field location, etc.
  • Analyze offensive plays, formations, motions, point of attack by defense.
  • Contains the complete SILVER program for offensive scouting

Check out these Grideye sample reports!

Plays by Offensive Formation

 Running Point of Attack

Plays by Down and Distance

 Defensive Line by Down/Distance

Plays by Field Location

 Penalties Report

View Screen Samples of Grideye!


Grideye Gold Video Add-on - Complete Video Analysis!

Football Scouting Gold Software

Add a powerful yet affordable video analysis system to the Grideye Gold software!  In the original version, you click in the formation-running- passing information for each play, and print full offensive and defensive tendencies.  Now with a low-cost video card in your computer, and a few more clicks, you can add complete video to each play.  You will be able to view every play of every game, or just look at specific tendencies.  Want to see opponent’s plays at 3rd and long, or all their linebacker blitzes?  It’s all available at the click of a button.  View each video in sequence, or one at a time, in stop action, slow motion, and full screen.  Hook up an overhead projector or TV, and you can show your entire team!  Here’s how it works:

Connect your VCR, and save the video of each play along with standard formation, running, and passing info. . .

Laptop Image
VCR Image

Price: 799.00 add-on to Grideye Gold  Click here to order!

Then instantly view the plays of whatever  game situations you select!

Video Clip

Grideye Video Add-on Features

  • Simple, point and click game entry (do it right from VCR feed!)
  • Analyze Video of specific tendencies for unlimited game situations
  • View video in stop-action, side-by- side comparison, and full screen  for detailed analysis
  • View entire drives in play sequence
  • Output video to overhead projector or T.V. for showing groups
  • Easily produce individual player CD- ROMS for scouts/coaches/players
  • Works within Grideye Gold, so you can still print complete offense and defense tendency reports.
  • Works with any Video for Windows Capture Card*

*We recommend the ATI All-In-Wonder 128 (R).  Prices range from $150-$200, and are available at local computer/electronic stores, such as CompUSA.

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Pentium 400 processor 
  • Windows ME 
  • 128M of memory 
  • 5G hard drive space 

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