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Simplify your meet setup with online entries from attending coaches!

Make meet setup even easier with our new Online Meet system!  In less than 5 minutes, you can have your meet on our website, ready for coaches to log on and type in their entries.  When they are finished, one click sends you their entries -- all you have to do is wait for the emails to arrive.  Itís that simple!

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  • Easy to follow instructions for coaches on every screen
  • Attending coaches can view and print a copy of their own entries
  • Rosters stay out there for re-use in other meets! (for current season)
  • Rosters and entries are available for re-use in other meets all season!
  • Re-send entries if needed
  • Unlimited access to rosters/entries for attending coaches, until the meet date has passed

Hereís how it works:

1. First, the host coach sets up the meet information and events.

Host Meet Setup Screen

2. Then, attending coaches log into the meet to add their rosters,

Login Page Add Athlete Page

3. declare their entries,

Enter Athletes in Events Page

4. and email them to the host!

Email Page

5. The hosting coach receives the emails, and adds the entries to the meet with their Sydex meet hosting software!  (CCStat Gold or Track Gold & Meet Manager)

Ccstat Gold Main Menu

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