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Sydex, together with Panasonic Systems, presents our
Softball Product Line:

  • Bats! for College Softball: Complete Analysis and Stats, plus pitch-by- pitch VIDEO analysis. Bats! is the # 1 selling software used by Major League Teams!
  • Bats EZ Video: Simple To Use Software for Video Capture and Playback.
  • SBStat: Basic Season Statistics

 Bats! for College Softball

Bats! for College Softball combines the pitch-by-pitch analysis of Bats! with the power of video coaching and analysis.  Modeled after our extremely successful Major League Scouting & Video Software, it automatically connects the data of each pitch with its video clip.  You'll be able to see every pitch of every game, directly on your computer!

Just imagine: you won't have to spend your time fast-forwarding and switching VCR tapes to view your players, and you will have unlimited options for what you want to see.  View a hitter's at-bats in pitch-by-pitch sequence, or just her swings at 3-2 counts for a season.  Look at the video of specific batter-pitcher match-ups, or go through last night's game, one at-bat at a time!  It will revolutionize the way you you coach, and it's instantly available at the click of a button!



  • Simple, Point and Click Game Entry (do it live or from tape!)
  • Stop-action vido for detailed analysis of pitcher form, etc.
  • Includes the full Bats EZ Video product
  • Analyze Video of Specific Batter-Pitcher Matchups for unlimited game situations
  • View pitch sequences of at-bats for an entire game, and for individual batter-pitcher matchups
  • Amaze Recruits with Game Video on your Laptop!

SportsCoach Bats! also provides you with full color analysis reports, plus season stats!  Some of the options available:

  • Produce Field charts for defensive positioning (right)
  • See pitch freqencies/hitter results at each Pitching Count
  • View Hitting Zones of batter strengths and weaknesses
  • View Fielding, Running, and Bunt video

BATS Field Chart - Anna Mulder


Want the video in your stadium to be the same as in a professional stadium? With Panasonic setting up your stadium, it can be!


Panasonic Stadium Setup

  • Cameras
  • Networks
  • Computers
  • Control Stations
  • Sportscoach Bats!

Currently Setting up Stadiums
St. Louis Cardinals
Washington Nationals!

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Bats EZ Video for Softball - No more video tapes!


Now you can easily and quickly clip, store, and view video of your athletes right on your computer!  Just hook up a VCR or Video Camera to your computer, and record pitcher motion, batter swings, fielding, and running.  Youíll save time and have a great tool for coaching your players!  Best of all, itís extremely simple to do!  Clips are recorded for players in just 3 clicks, and you can instantly view the video -- thereís no rewinding or switching tapes!

Price: 199.95  Click here to order!


  • Easy Point and Click Athlete Entry and Video Clipping
  • Requires only 1 or 2 G of hard drive space
  • Side by Side Comparison of Clips with Multiple Angle Options
  • Instantly create player highlight CDís and DVDís for scouts/players
  • View video of players in stop- action, slow-motion, full screen
  • Full On-screen Help!

SBStat - Get Complete Softball Stats in only Minutes per Game!

Softball Software

Are you sick of spending hours keeping stats for your team?  Do you want an extremely simple softball program that gives you instant stats and complete individual, team, and season reporting?  With SBSTAT, you can get all the standard softball stats in just 5 minutes a game!  It saves time by automatically calculating totals and averages for every stat category.  If you want, you can even broadcast complete game results and full team statistics immediately after each game on the Internet!

Price: 49.95  Click here to order!

Download free trial version!



  • Easy Point and Click Stat Entry (Do a game in just 5 minutes!)
  • Game by Game Profiles for Each Player
  • Complete Batting, Pitching, and Fielding Stats
  • Optional Standard Box Scores
  • Team Season Win-Loss Summary
  • Conferencee / Non Conference statistics
  • Individual Leaders in Every Softball Category
  • Career Stats
  • Full On-screen Help!
  • Complete Team Season Stats
  • Set up and enter your own custom softball stat categories!

View Screen Samples of Softball Statistics!

Check out sample softball reports on Kentwood Highís Softball Page.


Web Builder for Softball

Automatically Build Web Stats for your team!

The Softball Web Builder software will create a great looking web site for your team!  Give your athletes, parents, fans, and media instant access to your stats: you can broadcast results immediately after a match!  With the click of a button, Web Builder automatically makes Web pages out of ANY stat report.  It even does an Index Page showing what Softball reports are available.  Absolutely no Internet skill is required, and it will make your schoolís softball program LOOK GREAT!


Your Purchase is Completely Risk Free!

Remember that all Sydex sports software comes with an unconditional 30-day guarantee.  If, after ordering the product, you are dissatisfied in any way, simply return the product and your money will be refunded.  If you happen to be ordering during the off-season, donít worry!  We will still let you return it during the following season.

To Order by phone, or for more information,

Call 1-800-733-4023 or 1-616-455-9740

Click here to Email your comments and questions!

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