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Host Better Track Meets with Less Effort, and Get Complete Season Stats!

Plus: Clip and view video of athletes directly on your computer!

Our Track and Field Product Line:

  • Track Silver: Single Team and Individual Track & Field Stats, and Entries Manager
  • Track 2000 Gold: Complete Track & Field Meet Results and Scoring, Team Stats, and Entries Manager
  • Track 2000 Gold and Meet Manager: Track 2000 Gold Plus Complete Meet Hosting Software
  • Track EZ Video: Clip and view video directly on your computer -- no more video tapes!

Track Silver - Single Team Season Statistics

Track 2000 Silver picture

Track Silver is for coaches who are looking for a quick and simple way to keep just their teamís stats.  Click your athletes into their events, and in minutes you will get your team and individual statsPrint athlete performance summaries for a season or career, team ranking lists for every event, relay splits, individual points, and more!  You can even keep a master list of your teamís entries.  Print it for every meet you attend (no more typing it out), or post a copy in the locker room for your athletes!

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Track Silver Features

  • Easy, Point and Click Stat Entry
  • Print Team Bests for every event
  • Get Individual Performance Reports for a Season or Career
  • Prints Splits for every relay event
  • Checks Event Records and Qualifying Marks Automatically
  • Meet by Meet Profiles for Each Athlete and Personal Bests
  • Calculates Individual points for a season
  • Entries Manager lets you keep a master list of your entries - you can automatically send your entries by diskette or Email every time you attend a meet. 
  • Receive team results by email from any Sydex hosted meet !

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Track Gold - Host your duals and triís with ease!


Track Gold is the perfect software for schools who host only duals and triís.  Event entry is completely point and click -- you can process an entire meet without touching the keyboard!  For each meet, Track Gold checks all records and qualifying marks, scores and prints individual events, and prints great-looking condensed results at the end of the meet in newspaper format.  It even includes the complete Track Silver product for season reporting!  For larger meets, add the amazing Meet Manager (see below) and seed and run your entire meet automatically!

Price 179.95  Click here to order!

Track Gold Features

  • Easy, Point and Click, Meet Set-up and Result Entry - run your entire meet without touching the keyboard!
  • Runs Girls and Boys meets together
  • Automatically checks meet records / school records / qualifying times during the meet
  • Prints event results and current scores during the meet.
  • Give meet results to coaches immediately after the meet, and direct fax a paragraph-style Newspaper results to the Press
  • Automatically re-scores for double dual match-ups
  • Contains the complete Track Silver product for season statistics: Individual Performance Summaries, Team Bests, Season Points, etc.
  • Keep team stats on away meets in less than 10 minutes per meet!
  • Team Season Summary of Meets
  • Full On-screen Help!
  • Entries Manager lets you keep a master list of your entries - you can automatically send your entries by diskette or Email every time you attend a meet.
  • Send and Receive team results by email from any Sydex hosted meet

Check Out These Track and Field Reports!

See samples of various reports on  Kentwood Highís Track Page.

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Track Gold & Meet Manager - Set up and Run Your Entire Meet Without Typing a Key!

Cut hours from your meet set-up time with Sydex Meet Manager, the ultimate software add-on to Track Gold!  Meet set-up is fast and easy with our Online Entries System  -- have visiting coaches send their entries by email, and 5 seconds later they are in the meet!  For coaches who send their entries on paper, just superseed the athletes into their events -- thereís no typing involved!  Meet Manager will generate heats, lane assignments, field event flights, and prints every judgeís form for every event you run!    You will amaze visiting coaches with how well your meets are run!

Track 2000 Gold & Meet Mgr Picture

Price 329.90  Click here to order!

Track 2000 Gold and Meet Manager allows access to our highly popular ONLINE MEET SYSTEM!

Have coaches register ONLINE for your meets!  In less than 5 minutes, you can have your meet on our website, ready for coaches to log on and type in their entries. When they are finished, one click sends you their entries -- all you have to do is wait for the emails to arrive. Itís that simple!

In 2006, 4,000 coaches used our Track Online Meet System, with almost 300,000 entries being processed. Click here to see how it works!

Meet Manager Add-on Features

  • Point and Click Athlete Entry (Set up a large meet in less than 1 hour!)
  • ONE CLICK Entries Manager lets you instantly receive other teamís entries by email!
  • Super Seed for entries received on paper, and for handling scratches
  • Generates seeding for all Events and Meet Types (Duals, Triís, invitationals, championships, etc.)
  • Assigns races, lanes, flights, and prints judgeís forms for all events.
  • Follows all high school or college rules (Coach can override, of course!)
  • Supports up to 250 teams, 50 different events per meet
  • Coaches can Send and Receive Results for visiting coaches at meets
  • Allows up to 95 runners per race, 3-10 Lanes.  Handles prelims, quartís, semiís and final heats
  • Advances qualifying runners to the next race level automatically
  • Import results from Finish Lynx and/or Field Lynx systems, and avoid all hand-typing of results!
  • Interfaces to Track Gold for easy result entry
  • Full On-screen Help!

Meet Manager Print-Outs!

Screen Samples!

View Screen Samples of Meet Manager


Track EZ Video - Clip and view video of athletes on your computer: No more video tapes!


Now itís simple and affordable to have video of your athletes directly on your computer!  Just imagine: thereís no stack of videotapes to manage, and no rewinding or fast-forwarding to find the right clip.  Itís easy to do, amazingly inexpensive, and the video is clear and sharp.  Want to see an athleteís vault attempts in sequence?  How about side by side comparisons of athletesí sprint starts, or slow motion of any video clip?  With Track EZ Video, itís all available at the click of a button.  You can even make video CDís and DVDís for your athletes, coaches, and recruiters!

Price 199.95  Click here to order!

Attach a VCR or Video Camera to your laptop or PC. . .

Laptop image

 3 clicks later, the video is saved with the athlete, ready to view!

Video of High Jumper

Track EZ Video Features

  • Easy Point and Click Athlete Entry and Video Clipping
  • Side-by-Side Comparison of Clips with Multiple Angle Options
  • Instantly create athlete highlight CDís and DVDís for recruiters/coaches
  • Save 400 clips in only 1G of hard drive space
  • View video of athletes in stop- action, slow-motion, full screen

Web Builder for Track

Automatically Build Web Stats for your team!

The Track Web Builder software will create a great looking web site for your team!  Give your athletes, parents, fans, and media instant access to your meet results stats: you can broadcast results immediately after the meet is completed!  With the click of a button, Web Builder automatically makes Web pages out of ANY stat or meet report.  It even does an Index Page showing what Track reports are available.  Absolutely no internet skill is required, and it will make your schoolís program LOOK SENSATIONAL!

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FREE Track Entries Manager Shareware: Save Hours of Set-up Time with Automatic Meet Entries from Visiting Coaches!

Hereís the ultimate way that Sydex Track makes your job easier: Imagine never having to type entries for a meet again!  Entries Manager automatically creates and maintains a master list of entries for your team.  One click copies that list to diskette (or Email) for sending to the hosting coach. If you host meets, you can use Entries Manager to receive and enter a visiting team into your meets in one clickJust think of all the time you will save!

Click Here to Download Your FREE Track Entries Manager!