2006 Cross Country Upgrade Enhancements

(if you did not order a new user’s book, the details for each enhancement are available from the Help drop-down on the main menu)


1. Sending / Receiving Meet Results 

Schools hosting meets in Sydex XC products can now email a results file to the visiting coaches, who can use that file to update their computer with their team results.  All Sydex XC products can receive results, but XC Silver cannot send out any results.


2. Results Entry now allows you to “Apply Times/Places to all Races.  This means you can run all events together, record one set of times and places, and in one click update all the races for men/women at the meet.  This is particularly useful for hosting road races.


3. The Combo Report now includes an option for combining men and women into one result, again for hosting road races.


4. XC now supports the use of Flash drives at all places were formerly CD’s or diskettes were used.  This includes backup/restore and creating/receiving entries.  Also, burning backup files to CD for users of Windows XP systems has been greatly improved.


5. The maximum number of events has been increased from 12 to 18 at a meet.


6. The receiving of Online Entry Files has been improved.


As always, all bugs caught since the last release was fixed.

Note that installing this upgrade will NOT affect any of your current data. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-733-4023.