(Both Fbstat Gold and Fbstat)

1. Create your own stat categories! You can now set up, enter, and print reports of your own special category stats.

- You will set up special category stats with the Special Categories drop-down on the Main Menu. Enter these stats for each game with the Special Categories Entry button (game must already be entered using the normal Game Entry option). Then print a game-by-game report of these stats for each player with the Special Categories Report. For complete details, see the Help section entitled "Special Categories" for more details, or consult your new manual.

2. Improved "print to file": when you choose to save a report to file, it now automatically opens Notepad for viewing the report information (previously, you had to find and open it yourself into Word® or Word Perfect®)

- When you choose "Print to File" on the print screen, the box for "Open in Notepad" will automatically be checked. Click OK to save the file and automatically open Notepad. The first time you access Notepad, chance the Font to Courier New so that columns line up correctly.

(Gold only)

3. Enhanced Current Game Stats: the Current Game Stats option now shows defensive stats (previously showed just offensive)

-There is a button on the Current Game Stats screen which goes to a defensive screen.

4. Play-by-Play Game Entry shows the result of the previous play on screen.

- The previous play type and yards gained or lost on the play appears in the lower left-hand corner of the main game entry screen.