Original Enhancements/Fixes for the 2006 version

(G=Track Gold, M=Meet Manager, S=Track Silver, A=All products)

1. Sending / Receiving Meet Results. (A)

            Schools Hosting meets in Sydex track products can now email a results file to the visiting coaches, who can use that file to update their computer with their team results. All Sydex Track products can receive results, but Track Silver cannot send out any results. In Track Gold and Track Meet Manager, the options for this are under the “Entries/Results Option” Button on the main menu. In Track Silver there is a new button called “Receive Meet Results File” on the main menu. Instructions are in help and on the email itself.

2. 99 Scoring places / New Scoring Option. (A)

            Scoring options in Meet Information have been changed to allow scoring for up to 99 places. Points can be assigned automatically at one point per place for all places. Score calculations have been expanded appropriately.


3. The Finish Lynx interface has been corrected to properly process results when relay runners are entered in seeding. Default folder has been updated to match the latest Lynx version. (M)

            These changes are generally invisible to the user.

4. Various fixes for Receive Entries, Seeding and Reports were completed. (A)

Of course, all minor bug fixes in 2005 were also included.

Track Upgrade downloading instructions:

1. Click on the appropriate product: Track Silver, Track Gold only, or Track Gold & Meet Manager.

2. A window will appear, asking if you want to open the file from its current location, or save it to file. Choose the “save” option. Remember where you saved it!

3. When the download is complete, find the file you’ve downloaded (Track Silver = trsupg.exe, Track Gold only = trgupg.exe, Track Gold & Meet Manager = trmupg.exe). Double-click it to begin the installation.


4. A welcome screen appears. Click Setup to continue.

5. On the Sydex Software Install screen, make sure the Install To: field is the directory where your cross country program is loaded (default is c:\trkstat), then click Continue.

6. When finished, the message “Your software has installed successfully” appears. Click OK.

7. A window appears for you to type in your upgrade key, which you need to finalize the upgrade and open your software. If you ordered the upgrade online, you will receive a key by email within a couple of hours (unless it is after 5:30 pm E.T., or on the weekend -- then you will receive it by 9:00 am E.T. on the next business day). You may also call Sydex directly for a key: 800-733-4023. Please have your credit card ready, or purchase order, for payment.

If you can’t get a key until later, click Exit Program. You will get a message “Error opening file. . .”; click OK. When you do receive your upgrade key, you will need to re-run the upgrade (start with step #3 of these instructions).