Track & Field Online Entries System

Meet Setup for Hosting Coaches

1. Sign up for hosting a meet by going to the Sydex website ( and clicking on "Sign up to Host an Online Meet." You will receive an order confirmation and a meet code.

2. Go to our website (, and click on the link titled "Track Online Meet Entries".

3. The main page for Online Entries appears. Click "Set up a Meet for Entries (Hosting Coach)".

4. Type in your meet code (supplied by Sydex) and click "Submit".

5. The Meet Info Setup Screen appears. Type in the information - fields with a blue asterisk next to them are required. Follow any instructions associated with the fields. This information displays for coaches who log into your meet.

6. When done with Meet Info, click "Confirm and Proceed to Event Setup".

7. The first screen that appears is for Men's Events. Based on your choice of "Indoor/Outdoor" and "High School/College" on the previous screen, a default list of events will be set up for you. This appears on the right, as "Selected Events". If you need to add a new event, first look for it in the list on the left, and if you find it, add it to the list on the right. If you don't see it, click the "Create A Custom Event" button at the bottom of the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions. When you have successfully added it, return to the events screen and add it from the master list into the selected list. After you've selected the men's events, click "Switch to Women's Events" and repeat.

8. When finished, click "Finish Event Setup and Return to Main Menu".

- You may return to the meet setup screens at any time by following steps 1-3 above. Change anything you need (be careful about events! If you remove an event and coaches have already registered their athletes, their entries in those events will disappear).